Just a Glimpse of St. Laurence’s Sweetness and Charity

Sept. 5. ST. LAURENCE JUSTINIAN, from Character Calendar by Sr. Mary Fidelis and Sr. Mary Charitas

Statue of St. Laurence Justinian, Milan Cathedral

Refusing the offer of a brilliant marriage, he fled secretly from his home at Venice and entered a religious Order. He induced a friend, who had come to persuade him to return home, to remain and enter the monastery.

Behold a great priest who in his days pleased God. There was not found the like to him, who kept the law of the Most High. — Gradual: Ecclesiasticus 44.

The greatest saints shunned the company of men when they could, and chose rather to live unto God in secret. — Imitation: Book I.

Ideal: A rich nobleman, St. Laurence was wise enough to recognize the greater riches of God’s love. He put by his paltry chests of gold and silver to plunge into the very treasure house of wealth by becoming a religious and making all the glory of heaven more surely his.

Today: For five consecutive minutes sometime today, think this over: Nothing goes with me to the Judgment Seat of God, to insure heaven, but a good life.

Slogan: What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world, but suffer the loss of his soul?

Patience and How Moms Can Increase It

Are you pulling your hair out in frustration? Muttering under your breath? Giving snappy retorts to innocent questions?

Fr. Zepeda continues his First Saturday conferences for The Confraternity of Christian Mothers today with a live stream on the topic of patience. Tune in at 12:30 Eastern/11:30 Central for Father’s special blend of Church teaching, practical wisdom, and delightful humor that refreshes as it enlightens.

Catch the livestream today at 11:30 Central to be able to ask Father questions after the talk.

Oh, if we only learned to realize that the Blessed Sacrament is our God, what a sense of joy and protection would enter into our lonely lives! God living here with me; God living here for me. We would haunt our altars at every untoward circumstance, at every grief and trial that crossed our path. ~ Fr. Lasance, Visits to the Blessed Sacrament

Cash to Telecommuters Who Move To Tulsa

Thinking of escaping a tyrannical governor and heading to a place with a traditional Mass Center nearby? Come to Tulsa and check out our friendly parish at Our Lady of Fatima Chapel in Chelsea.

“The Tulsa Remote program — which incentivizes telecommuters with out-of-state full-time remote employment to relocate to Oklahoma — saw applications soar by 300% during the pandemic. Now, it’s beefed up its offerings with a fresh cash incentive.

“The city is giving $10,000 to qualifying participants who purchase a home in Tulsa. The money is awarded as a lump sum, and in the city where the median home price is just over $205,000, $10,000 represents about 25% of a 20% down payment.” ~ Excerpted from Newsbreak.com.