Invest in Boys with Summer Camp

This could be a life-changing experience for a boy you know.

The St. John Bosco Catholic summer camp in NE Ohio will be held July 23-29. Boys from age 9 to 18 can come; younger if accompanied with a dad or guardian. Please note there is a registration deadline this year: June 15th. Email for more information and registration forms.

Grandparents, this is a great gift-giving opportunity–Christmas in July or however you want to frame it–whether you pay the fees or help with transportation or both.

Holy Week Ceremonies Maximize Easter Joy

The Schedule for the Sacred Triduum in Chelsea, OK, is as follows:

Holy Thursday: Mass at 6:30 pm, followed by All Night Adoration

Good Friday: Ceremonies begin at Noon and will conclude by 3 pm. (The length of the ceremonies is equal to the time our Lord hung on the cross)

Easter Vigil: Confessions will begin at 9:45 pm. The Easter Vigil ceremonies will begin at 10:30 pm, followed by Midnight Mass. This will be the only Sunday Mass. The Easter Vigil is a day of Fast and COMPLETE abstinence from meat. The abstinence applies to those 7 and older.