Saturday Mass and Work Day; Ash Wednesday

We will have Mass at 8 am on Saturday, Feb. 22, followed by a chapel work day to finish projects and prepare for Holy Week ceremonies. Fr. Sandquist is bringing four seminarians to help. We are so grateful! Our chapel will not have Mass on Ash Wednesday. Fr. Sandquist will be going to Sacred Heart in Topeka that day for Mass at 6 pm.IMG_9850

One-day Schedule Shakeup for Chelsea, Edmond, & Topeka

That headline sounds like it’s referring to train routes! Right? No, no, no. You’re thinking of Judy Garland singing The Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe.
Our headline is about mass schedules for three CMRI mission chapels.
To get to the heart of it, Bp. Pivarunas will be away from Omaha on a Confirmations trip on the weekend of Feb. 15th-16th. So on that Sunday Fr. Sandquist will add the Topeka chapel, Sacred Heart, to his regular mass circuit of Edmond and Chelsea, OK.
To make this possible:
Chelsea will have mass at 7:30 am; 
Edmond will have mass at 11:30 am;
Topeka will have mass at 5:30 pm.
Father will hear confessions 30 minutes before each mass.
To make sure you don’t get confused and can arrive at the station on time, here are the Chelsea Sunday mass times for the rest of February:
Feb. 9th: Mass at 2:00 pm
Feb. 16th: Mass at 7:30 am
Feb. 23rd: Mass at 2:00 pm
All aboard!

Saturday Mass, Practice, and Work Day

Since Fr. Sandquist will be at our chapel with four seminarians for a work day, we will have mass on Saturday, Feb. 1st, at 8 am.

Afterward we will eat breakfast, take down Christmas decorations, and have choir and server practice.

Then the work projects will begin, which will include installing double doors on the chapel entrance from the hallway so that we may have the Blessed Sacrament reserved on our altar and finishing sheetrock projects in the confessional, priest’s office, and cry room.3F76E077-A7CE-4901-BA53-EAC189EF7298

Mass Time Change for Jan. 19th & Other News



Fr. Sandquist will offer Mass for us at 10 am this Sunday to accommodate his travel schedule to the CMRI priests’ meeting. Father will hear confessions beginning at 9:30. We will return to the regular schedule the following Sunday: Confessions at 1, Mass at 1:30.


Four CMRI seminarians will be visiting our chapel on Feb. 1-2. On Saturday they will assist us with chapel work projects, and on Sunday they will sing, so we will be able to have a High Mass for the Feast of the Presentation/Candlemas.

Mass Time Change for Confirmations on August 11


His Excellency, the Most Reverend Mark Pivarunas, CMRI, will confer the Sacrament of Confirmation in Chelsea after Mass on Aug. 11.  To accommodate His Excellency’s schedule, Confessions will begin thirty minutes later than normal, at 4:30, and Holy Mass will begin at 5.

Also, Fr. Sandquist will be substituting for  Fr. Geckle for all the Sundays of August except Aug.  11th, while Fr. Geckle will be in Minnesota.