Corpus Christi High Mass and Procession with Our Eucharistic King

What a glorious day it was! We mission chapel folks had to continually pinch ourselves and ask, “Is this really happening here in rural Chelsea, Oklahoma? O, Lord, I am not worthy!”

We present this photo essay of our celebration of the great festival of Corpus Christi with sincere gratitude to Frs. Stephen Sandquist and Carlos Borja; seminarians Rev. Carlos Zepeda, Frater Aloysius Hartmann, Mr. Caleb Armour, and Phillip Lawrence; minor seminarian Evan Estrada; and Mater Dei Academy boys Joseph Wagner and Donald Pulliam,


The seminarians and boys arrived a couple of hours early to set up the outdoor altar and have choir practice. In this photo, Rev. Zepeda is directing, and from left to right are seminarians Phillip Lawrence, Frater Aloysius, and Mr. Armour.


“And Aaron was separated to minister in the holy of holies, he and his sons for ever, and to burn incense before the Lord, according to his ceremonies, and to bless his name for ever.” (1 Chron. 23:13)


“Who then can be able to build him a worthy house? if heaven, and the heavens of heavens cannot contain him: who am I that I should be able to build him a house? but to this end only, that incense may be burnt before him.” (2 Chron. 2:6)”


A rare glimpse of Jesus in front of His open Tabernacle Prison.



O Jesu Christ, Remember

O Jesu Christ, remember,
When Thou shalt come again,
Upon the clouds of Heaven,
With all Thy shining train;—

When every eye shall see Thee
In Deity reveal’d,
Who now upon this altar
In silence art conceal’d;—

Remember then, O Saviour,
I supplicate of Thee,
That here I bow’d before Thee,
Upon my bended knee;

That here I own’d Thy Presence,
And did not Thee deny;
And glorified Thy greatness,
Though hid from human eye.

Accept, divine Redeemer,
The homage of my praise;
Be Thou the light and honour,
And glory of my days.

Be Thou my consolation
When death is drawing nigh;
Be Thou my only treasure
Through all eternity.

Hymn text by Fr. Edward Caswall



Adeleigh, Evelyn, and Rosemary Breaux served as flower girls. After Mass, Rev. Zepeda arranged the remaining rose petals around the little outdoor statue of Our Lady of Fatima that you can see in the left center of this photo.



Here Evelyn and Rosemary have entered the shade of the pavilion adjacent to the chapel. Imagine if as in bygone days, we could process through the villages and towns with great crowds of fervent Catholics!


Fr. Sandquist found our canopy in storage at Mater Dei Convent. It could be of late 1940s, early 1950s vintage and a true glory in its day. It is heavy, made from moire taffeta. The top is solid red, and the underside is ivory and embroidered with the IHS in the center. The fabric is frayed along the long sides from the framework rubbing. It was missing its poles, hardware, and side supports. But elevated once more in our Lord’s service, it was gorgeous and edifying, and created all the pageantry that this great festival’s procession required. Thanks to Herb Haught for procuring new poles and creating a new framework to attach to them.



Blessed be God. Blessed be His Holy Name. Blessed be Jesus Christ, true God and true Man. Blessed be the Name of Jesus. Blessed be His Most Sacred Heart. Blessed be His Most Precious Blood. Blessed be Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. Blessed be the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete. Blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary most Holy. Blessed be her Holy and Immaculate Conception. Blessed be her Glorious Assumption. Blessed be the name of Mary, Virgin and Mother. Blessed be St. Joseph, her most chaste spouse. Blessed be God in His Angels and in His Saints. Amen.



Pray and sacrifice for priests. They pray and sacrifice so much for us.


“Humbly I adore Thee, hidden Deity, Which beneath these figures art concealed from me; Wholly in submission Thee my spirit hails, For in contemplating Thee it wholly fails.” Adoro Te Devote, St. Thomas Aquinas, Translation by E. Frey.


Many thanks to our canopy bearers, Mr. Michael Hartsock, Mr. Steve Breaux, Mr. Ben Brouse, and Mr. Ron Green.

We enjoyed a lovely meal together in the hall after the liturgical festivities. Crockpot Alley arrayed its aromatic wares of savory entrees and sides. The dessert table overflowed with sweet and creamy delights. Fr. Borja and the seminarians were in no hurry to leave, and the quiet joy of feasting, rightly-ordered, reigned.

Thank you to everyone who brought food and to all those in the background whose generosity helps make these days possible.

Corpus Christi: Let Our Praises Resound

We are busily preparing for our celebration of Corpus Christi this Sunday. We will have our first Corpus Christi procession, and seven seminarians will prepare the outdoor altar under our pavilion and will also sing for the High Mass. Afterward, we are having a potluck in the hall. Fr. Borja will be celebrating Mass for us; it will be good to see him again. It’s been at least a year since he visited. Harley 7026 f. 13 Corpus Christi procession

Here is a beautiful hymn from the office of Matins for Corpus Christi:

Let our joys blend with this sacred Solemnity: and let our praises resound from our inmost heart; let old things give way; let all be new, both hearts, and words, and works!

We are celebrating that night’s Last Supper, when, as faith tells, Christ gave to his brethren, the Lamb and unleavened bread, as the law, given to the ancient fathers, prescribed.

After giving them the figurative Lamb, and when the repast was over, we confess with faith, that our Lord, with his own hands, gave his Body to his disciples: and so gave It, that the entire was given to all, and the entire to each.

They were frail, and he gave them his Body as food: they were sad, and he gave them his Blood, for their drink; saying: Take the Cup I deliver unto you! Do ye all drink thereof!

Thus did he institute this Sacrifice, whose ministry he willed should be entrusted to Priests alone; who were so to partake of it themselves, as to give it to others.

The Bread of Angels becomes the Bread of men; the Bread of heaven puts an end to the types; O wonderful thing! he that is poor, and servant, and lowly, eateth the Lord!

We beseech thee, O Triune Deity, do thou so visit us, as we worship thee; lead us by thy ways to the term we aim at,—to the light, wherein thou dwellest.


To Fill the Hearts Which Thou Hast Made

“The great day, which consummates the work that God had undertaken for the human race, has at last shone upon the world. The days of Pentecost, as St. Luke says, are accomplished.” Dom Prosper Gueranger, The Liturgical Year

Blessings in Bloom in Chelsea did a beautiful job on our “tongues of flame” floral arrangements, composed of red gladiolus and a two-tone rose called High and Magic.

We had a beautiful Pentecost celebration that I will tell you about, but first, here is some helpful background information on this great feast in the form of two questions and answers from Fr. Leonard Goffine’s The Church’s Year:

Why is this day observed so solemnly?

Because on this day the Holy Ghost, having descended upon the apostles, the law of grace, of purification from sin, and the sanctification of mankind, was for the first time announced to the world; because on this day the apostles, being filled with the Holy Ghost, commenced the work of purifying and sanctifying mankind, by baptizing three thousand persons who were converted by the sermon of St. Peter; and because on this day the Church of Jesus became visible as a community to the world, and publicly professed her faith in her crucified Savior.

Why did the Holy Ghost descend on the Jewish Pentecost?

Because on their Pentecost the Jews celebrated the anniversary of the giving of the law on Mount Sinai, and God would show by sending the Holy Ghost on this day, that the Old Law had ceased and the New Law commenced. God also chose this time, that the Jews who on this day came together from all countries to Jerusalem to celebrate the Pentecost, might be witnesses of the miracle, and hear the New Law announced by the apostles.

And here is how we celebrated at Our Lady of Fatima:

How blessed we were on this Pentecost Sunday to have a family drive from Dallas so the daughter could receive her First Communion. And after mass she was enrolled in the brown scapular. We also had a family visiting from Missouri. It is a wonderful testimony for us to witness the sacrifices families make to travel long distances for the true sacraments.

Father’s sermon may be found at


In Fr. Sandquist’s announcements, he reminded us of the Ember Days this Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Wednesday and Saturday are fast and partial abstinence from meat. Friday is fast and and total abstinence. The usual age conditions apply. Father also said that we will have a Corpus Christi procession on Sunday, June 14th, and that Fr. Borja will be celebrating mass for us that day.

The First Communion: So beautiful. May God bless Celina with a fervent faith.
After our Low Mass prayers, Father led us in singing Come, Holy Ghost.

After mass and the brown scapular enrollment, we enjoyed a potluck lunch of chicken, sausage, green salad, corn, mashed potatoes, doughnuts, and cake. Gabriel, one of the young men traveling back to Omaha with Fr. Sandquist, serenaded us at the piano. Virtual things have their place, but they do not replace receiving the sacraments, visiting, and music played in person!

Our happy first communicant and her cake.
Doughnuts must surely be the preferred fast breaker of Catholicdom. 😉
And we close May with one last look at Mary, Our Queen, in all her processional glory.

New Feature: Monthly Bulletin Page

We are excited to announce that Father Sandquist has begun publishing a monthly bulletin. Printed copies will be available in the vestibule of the chapel. You can also access it here on the page labeled “Monthly Bulletin” at the top of the site.

The Loving Audacity that Delights the Heart of Jesus

The Penitent Magdalene Comforted by Angels, 1679, Oil on copper, 34 x 42 cm. Private collection

Above all I follow Magdalen, for the amazing, rather I should say, the loving audacity, that delights the Heart of Jesus, has cast its spell upon mine. It is not because I have been preserved from mortal sin that I lift up my heart to God in trust and love. I feel that even had I on my conscience every crime one could commit, I should lose nothing of my confidence: my heart broken with sorrow, I would throw myself into the Arms of my Saviour. I know that He loves the Prodigal Son, I have heard His words to St. Mary Magdalen, to the woman taken in adultery, and to the woman of Samaria. No one could frighten me, for I know what to believe concerning His Mercy and His Love. And I know that all that multitude of sins would disappear in an instant, even as a drop of water cast into a flaming furnace. ~ St. Therese of Lisieux, The Story of a Soul