Exciting Mass Time Options for the Next Few Months

Due to Colorado’s Fr. Leon having to go back to Argentina to resolve some visa issues, Fr. Sandquist will be covering an extra chapel, Sacred Heart in Topeka, on Sundays until ordinations on Dec. 12th. In order to facilitate this, Father will be alternating early and later Mass times between the Chelsea and Edmond chapels.

Starting this Sunday, the new temporary schedule will be in place. This Sunday, Mass will be at 7 am. Next Sunday it will be at noon. Check the bulletin if you get confused. You will find the bulletin page tab in the header of the website.

One-day Schedule Shakeup for Chelsea, Edmond, & Topeka

That headline sounds like it’s referring to train routes! Right? No, no, no. You’re thinking of Judy Garland singing¬†The Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe.

Our headline is about mass schedules for three CMRI mission chapels.
To get to the heart of it, Bp. Pivarunas will be away from Omaha on a Confirmations trip on the weekend of Feb. 15th-16th. So on that Sunday Fr. Sandquist will add the Topeka chapel, Sacred Heart, to his regular mass circuit of Edmond and Chelsea, OK.
To make this possible:
Chelsea will have mass at 7:30 am; 
Edmond will have mass at 11:30 am;
Topeka will have mass at 5:30 pm.
Father will hear confessions 30 minutes before each mass.
To make sure you don’t get confused and can arrive at the station on time, here are the Chelsea Sunday mass times for the rest of February:
Feb. 9th: Mass at 2:00 pm
Feb. 16th: Mass at 7:30 am
Feb. 23rd: Mass at 2:00 pm
All aboard!