The Novus Ordo Infection is Coming to A Head

Novus Ordo “Bishop” Fabian Bruskewitz, formally of the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska, who famously “excommunicated the SSPX faithful in his diocese and is now implicated in the cover-up.

While everyone is distracted by antipope Francis’s change to the Novus Ordo catechism regarding capital punishment, which in itself is turning into a major deception, (see “Fr.” Z’s The Mysterious Case of CCC 2358)–a columnist at The American Conservative, Rod Dreher, has been squeezing the huge boil on the backs of the Novus Ordo so-called CONSERVATIVE bishops, and has discovered that the infection is just as deep and the stench is just as nauseating as the more liberal branch of the Vatican II clergy.

Specifically Dreher was revealing the cover-ups in the Lincoln, Nebraska diocese–the jewel in the crown of the Novus Ordo conservatives–concerning homosexual behavior by a former diocesan vocations director, Msgr. Leonard Kalin (deceased), when Novus Ordo priests and laymen started contacting him with reports of widespread homosexual activity and coverups among the conservative bishops and priests throughout the country. Read more