Sr. Johanna, CMD, poses with Chloe after the St. Bernadette Soubirous play.

Chloe Wilhelms, age 12, started investigating the Catholic faith early this year, attending Sunday Mass at our chapel.  Then, she had the marvelous opportunity to spend Holy Week and Easter with the Congregation Mater Dei sisters in Persia, Iowa, which she did.  This experience cemented her desire to attend girls’ camp, as the activities sounded like a lot of fun.  This time there was a difficulty in getting her to the convent, but Sr. Johanna approved a plan to let Chloe come a week early and help the sisters prepare for the camp.  Needless to say Chloe had some eye-opening experiences with her insider view of what it takes to host 100 active girls for five days.  We will be featuring a report from Chloe soon.  Stay tuned!

Chloe played one of St. Bernadette’s sisters in a play about Our Lady of Lourdes on the last day of camp. She is the first seated girl on the left.
Curtain call! The play closed the summer 2018 camp activities.

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