IMG_6117Recently we were blessed to have two Congregation Mater Dei nuns visit our chapel and teach catechism before Sunday Mass.  In the photo above, Sr. Mary Catherine instructs the older group.  Sr. Frances taught the younger group.  In both cases, the sisters assessed the students’ knowledge and adapted the lessons to fit their needs.

As an added bonus, the sisters joined parishioner Kathryn Baulis in the choir loft for an entrance, communion, and recessional hymn, with Sr. Mary Catherine playing the organ.

IMG_6120IMG_6122A visiting Mater Dei seminarian, Mr. Carlos Zepeda, served the altar.  This was his third trip to our chapel, and we were all glad to see him again.  He is also a tremendous help to Fr. Geckle on the long drives to the mission chapels.


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