school1837xIn his book, The School of Jesus Crucified, Father Ignatius of the Side of Jesus, Passionist, outlines 25 points as a “Practical Rule of Christian Life for Daily Observance”. We will publish one a day:  “Nothing can be begun well unless begun in God, the sole Fountain of all real good; begin, therefore, each day by raising your mind and heart to God.  On awaking in the morning, let your first thoughts be devoted to this great truth:  God is here present; and make an act of lively faith in His Divine Presence.  Let your first action be the Sign of the Cross, according to the custom of the early Christians; your first words the holy Names of Jesus and Mary; and the first impulse of your heart an offering of yourself to God, by saying with the deepest feelings of respect:  I adore Thee, O my God; I love Thee with my whole heart; I thank Thee for all the blessings Thou hast bestowed upon me, and especially for dying for me on the Cross, shedding all Thy blood for the salvation of my soul, and preserving me in life up to the present moment; to Thee I consecrate my heart and my whole self.”