school1837xEditor’s Note:  In his book, The School of Jesus Crucified, Father Ignatius of the Side of Jesus, Passionist, outlines 25 points as a “Practical Rule of Christian Life for Daily Observance”. We will publish one a day:  “Regularly every day, as soon as you have finished your prayers, make half, or at least a quarter of an hour’s meditation, for which you may prepare your mind by the preparatory acts given on page 28*; then read slowly and attentively the Meditation on the Passion of Jesus Christ, as marked for that day in this little book.  If you are desirous of leading a devout life, you will never omit this meditation.  Be not of the number of those who say they have not time to meditate when they can find plenty of time to dissipate it in useless amusements.  Once seriously desire your salvation, and you will not be at a loss for time to meditate.”

*The preparatory acts mentioned are An Act of Faith, An Act of Adoration, An Act of Humility, An Act of Contrition, and an Act of Petition.