school1837xEditor’s Note:  In his book, The School of Jesus Crucified, Father Ignatius of the Side of Jesus, Passionist, outlines 25 points as a “Practical Rule of Christian Life for Daily Observance”.  We will publish one a day.

Point 11

“Amidst your occupations, forget not sometimes to raise your heart to God by pious ejaculations.  If you are suffering from weariness and fatigue, think of Jesus crucified, and say to Him with all the affection of your heart:  O my sweet Jesus, how much more didst Thou suffer for my sake!  How much pain and sorrow and how many sufferings didst Thou endure for the salvation of my soul!  O my loving Redeemer, how much has my soul cost Thee!  I thank Thee for dying on a Cross for the love of me.  Thus you will labor as becomes a Christian, and the devout remembrance of Jesus Crucified will lighten every burden and relieve you under any fatigue.”