school1837xEditor’s Note:  In his book, The School of Jesus Crucified, Father Ignatius of the Side of Jesus, Passionist, outlines 25 points as a “Practical Rule of Christian Life for Daily Observance”.  We will publish one a day.

Point 14

“In time of temptation, and when in danger of offending God, instantly call to mind the Wounds of Jesus, invoke His name with perfect confidence, and imagine that you behold Him on the Cross, lovingly saying to you, ‘Son, do not offend Me; do not renew My Passion and Death.  Son, I have always loved thee, why wilt thou now grieve My heart by thy hateful sins?’  Prostrate at His feet, renew your determination rather to die than offend so dear a Father, so loving a Redeemer.  There can be no thought more efficacious in preventing us from committing sin than that of the sufferings and wounds of Jesus Crucified.”