Shopping for a swimsuit?  Or just need to update some separates?  There are some lovely options available this summer from mainstream sellers like Land’s End and specialty shops like ModLi and HydroChic.

Today till midnight, Land’s End is offering 40% off, so I will focus on a few of their items for this post.  Plus, lots of moms receive Land’s End gift cards for a birthday or Mother’s Day.

While Land’s End offers tons of choices, most expose lots of skin.  To narrow things down, search for “rash guard”.  These options are the ones with the most coverage and are made to be worn over a swimsuit.  Have no fear, though, as they are made of swimsuit fabric.  This gives you the option to find the most comfortable swimsuit for underneath, whether it’s a two piece or one piece, and then top it off with something pretty and comfortable that goes right in the pool or the lake.  Pair with your favorite swim skirt and leggings/board shorts for a complete ensemble.  Land’s End is offering a swim skirt with leggings built in, but the skirt is a mini skirt.  If you want longer lengths, check out other vendors, like ModLi and HydroChic.

Back to Land’s End.  What about this new blouson top?  It’s super stylish and feminine and has four print fabric choices:

blouson2_A819_LF_J9F.jpegFor a sportier, surfer girl look, take a gander at the full zip rash guard tops like this one, which has half and full sleeve options:



And then there are the rash guard tees, that also offer lots of pattern/solid options:

swimtee502603_AK18_LF_CJ4If none of these options “suit” you, Fashion Belle has a page of links for sewing patterns as well as a page(s) for modest swimwear links.  Most of these links come with a representative photo and a short description/review, which can be a real timesaver as you sort through the list.  For instance, the Fresh Modesty pattern listing says that they offer options for sewing maternity swimsuits.  Happy swimming!