Editor’s Note:  In his book, The School of Jesus Crucified, Father Ignatius of the Side of Jesus, Passionist, outlines 25 points as a “Practical Rule of Christian Life for Daily Observance”.  

Point 20

“When you have had the misfortune to fall into any sin, hasten to cast yourself at the feet of Jesus Crucified, implore His pardon for the offense you have committed, and beseech Him, through His Passion and Death, to forgive you, and to bestow upon you grace never to offend Him more.  If your sin was a mortal one, endeavor to go to Confession as soon as possible.  Beware of living for any length of time with your soul defiled by sin, that enemy of God and crucifier of Jesus Christ.  Remember that you might be surprised by death, and precipitated headlong into Hell.”