“The great day, which consummates the work that God had undertaken for the human race, has at last shone upon the world. The days of Pentecost, as St. Luke says, are accomplished.” Dom Prosper Gueranger, The Liturgical Year

Blessings in Bloom in Chelsea did a beautiful job on our “tongues of flame” floral arrangements, composed of red gladiolus and a two-tone rose called High and Magic.

We had a beautiful Pentecost celebration that I will tell you about, but first, here is some helpful background information on this great feast in the form of two questions and answers from Fr. Leonard Goffine’s The Church’s Year:

Why is this day observed so solemnly?

Because on this day the Holy Ghost, having descended upon the apostles, the law of grace, of purification from sin, and the sanctification of mankind, was for the first time announced to the world; because on this day the apostles, being filled with the Holy Ghost, commenced the work of purifying and sanctifying mankind, by baptizing three thousand persons who were converted by the sermon of St. Peter; and because on this day the Church of Jesus became visible as a community to the world, and publicly professed her faith in her crucified Savior.

Why did the Holy Ghost descend on the Jewish Pentecost?

Because on their Pentecost the Jews celebrated the anniversary of the giving of the law on Mount Sinai, and God would show by sending the Holy Ghost on this day, that the Old Law had ceased and the New Law commenced. God also chose this time, that the Jews who on this day came together from all countries to Jerusalem to celebrate the Pentecost, might be witnesses of the miracle, and hear the New Law announced by the apostles.

And here is how we celebrated at Our Lady of Fatima:

How blessed we were on this Pentecost Sunday to have a family drive from Dallas so the daughter could receive her First Communion. And after mass she was enrolled in the brown scapular. We also had a family visiting from Missouri. It is a wonderful testimony for us to witness the sacrifices families make to travel long distances for the true sacraments.

Father’s sermon may be found at https://soundcloud.com/user-26633919/pentecost-the-power-and-love-of-the-holy-ghost


In Fr. Sandquist’s announcements, he reminded us of the Ember Days this Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Wednesday and Saturday are fast and partial abstinence from meat. Friday is fast and and total abstinence. The usual age conditions apply. Father also said that we will have a Corpus Christi procession on Sunday, June 14th, and that Fr. Borja will be celebrating mass for us that day.

The First Communion: So beautiful. May God bless Celina with a fervent faith.
After our Low Mass prayers, Father led us in singing Come, Holy Ghost.

After mass and the brown scapular enrollment, we enjoyed a potluck lunch of chicken, sausage, green salad, corn, mashed potatoes, doughnuts, and cake. Gabriel, one of the young men traveling back to Omaha with Fr. Sandquist, serenaded us at the piano. Virtual things have their place, but they do not replace receiving the sacraments, visiting, and music played in person!

Our happy first communicant and her cake.
Doughnuts must surely be the preferred fast breaker of Catholicdom. 😉
And we close May with one last look at Mary, Our Queen, in all her processional glory.