We are busily preparing for our celebration of Corpus Christi this Sunday. We will have our first Corpus Christi procession, and seven seminarians will prepare the outdoor altar under our pavilion and will also sing for the High Mass. Afterward, we are having a potluck in the hall. Fr. Borja will be celebrating Mass for us; it will be good to see him again. It’s been at least a year since he visited. Harley 7026 f. 13 Corpus Christi procession

Here is a beautiful hymn from the office of Matins for Corpus Christi:

Let our joys blend with this sacred Solemnity: and let our praises resound from our inmost heart; let old things give way; let all be new, both hearts, and words, and works!

We are celebrating that night’s Last Supper, when, as faith tells, Christ gave to his brethren, the Lamb and unleavened bread, as the law, given to the ancient fathers, prescribed.

After giving them the figurative Lamb, and when the repast was over, we confess with faith, that our Lord, with his own hands, gave his Body to his disciples: and so gave It, that the entire was given to all, and the entire to each.

They were frail, and he gave them his Body as food: they were sad, and he gave them his Blood, for their drink; saying: Take the Cup I deliver unto you! Do ye all drink thereof!

Thus did he institute this Sacrifice, whose ministry he willed should be entrusted to Priests alone; who were so to partake of it themselves, as to give it to others.

The Bread of Angels becomes the Bread of men; the Bread of heaven puts an end to the types; O wonderful thing! he that is poor, and servant, and lowly, eateth the Lord!

We beseech thee, O Triune Deity, do thou so visit us, as we worship thee; lead us by thy ways to the term we aim at,—to the light, wherein thou dwellest.